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Jul 9, 2011 12:00pm PDT
future and it builds meaning and purpose in life. >> alice david cameron supposed to apply this? >> all we have measured is money. the question is first measuring well-being. it turns out over the last decade, people have found ways of measuring pretty much as well as we can measure schizophrenia or alcoholism, the meaning of life, because of a motion, relationships with others. the first thing is to measure the well-being of the british people and then i think this is quite bold the prime minister, to hold oneself accountable for changes in well-being by public policy. what we do is we take teachers and we teach them the skills and well-being in their own life and they teach it to 10 to 12 year- old children. what we found is that when teachers learn these skills of well-being for the next couple of years, children have less depression, less anxiety, and better conduct. this example of public policy and education at least a greater well-being. >> if you look at a pig lying around in mud who is content, what would you say? >> i am not really after contentment. contentment and the smiley
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)